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Amplify Your Business with Appian, AI and Automation

Ashok Kumar CS
August 15, 2018

"Digital Beauty is more than just skin deep". Beyond fabulously designed web/mobile apps, organizations need to ensure that processes on the back-end align to support a true end-to-end customer experience. Digital experience and digital operations are two sides of the digital transformation coin.

Superior experience happens when companies can look at every customer interaction in order to gain insight into customer expectations, discover deeper context in real-time, understand intent from the vast ocean of big data and sensors, and deliver superior service that exceeds customer expectations.

At Infosys, we use a Design Thinking-led approach to reimagine customer journeys, create positive moments of truth in the customer journey, and build agility into your processes without disrupting your legacy core.

Simplifying Your Digital Transformation Journey

Here's a quick rundown of what organizations need to do for a successful digital journey:

    • Harness Transformative Technologies with continuous renewal of capabilities and energize the core by embracing Digital Process Automation (DPA) platforms.

    • Scale Agile Digital to move away from conventional point solutions to building a truly digital future from the very core.

    • Adopt Operating Model of Design Thinking & Process Innovation to equip organizations with effective experience and efficient processes.

    • Future-Proof Human Capital through reskilling employees on new age digital technologies and expand localization.

Infosys offers a holistic DPA reference architecture that combines Appian-powered code with multiple technology dimensions, including Customer DNA, orchestration, API management, AI-led decisions and channel-less customer engagement to drive greater digital operations and digital experience.

With Infosys, companies have a scored as much as a 50% increase in business efficiency, while elevating the customer experience.

Watch this video to learn how Infosys can help you evolve beyond process automation to enable true digital engagement, meet real needs in real-time, provide seamless channel-less interactions, deliver AI-infused conversational experiences, and jump start your automation with robots.

Ashok Kumar CS

Industry Principal, Infosys

Ashok is an Industry Principal with Infosys' Digital Process Automation Practice. He is a design thinker and digital strategy consultant, and has been involved in delivering multiple strategic initiatives leveraging Appian along with other digital-enabling technologies.