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Accelerate Smarter Decision-Making Through Project Management Automation

Appian Contributor
March 1, 2018

As public sector organizations become increasingly more dynamic, their goals and processes must continually evolve to keep pace with expectations. Likewise, modernizing their project management workflows is essential to achieving mission success.

Today's project managers, under the triple-constraints of time, cost and scope, play a vital role in organizational success. To perform at their best, project managers need to make the most of tools aimed at intelligence and analytics, mission requirements, change management and project management.

Punch Taverns PLC is a case in point. This pub and bar operator in the United Kingdom, with around 1,300 leased pubs, digitally transformed their legacy systems to support business requirements around project management for their pub properties. Punch wanted to modernize the systems running their core business, to accelerate operations and optimize business performance.

The company had to overcome the challenge of highly manual, paper-based systems to evaluate potential new property investments, manage and refurbish existing properties, and initiate short- and long-term pub leases. Punch required faster, mobile, digital processes, and more visibility into aggregated enterprise data for smarter decision-making. Punch also has a large field force, making mobility a must to free field employees from the home office desktop.

Punch Taverns decided to address its project management challenges through a cloud-based Business Process Management (BPM) platform. The company was looking to accelerate smarter decision-making and actions across core processes to improve business performance and increase stakeholder satisfaction. A cloud-based solution would ensure lower Total Cost of Ownership through speed of deployment to stakeholders, as well as internal IT resource reduction overtime.

"Appian's cloud-based software is very flexible and supports our agile development approach. We were able to trial our first BPM solutions in a matter of weeks. We believe Appian, with its native mobile and social capabilities, will support us in providing the best service for our licensees."

Kevin Dalley, IT Director, Punch Taverns

In addition to cloud delivery, Punch viewed BPM as a platform to improve collaboration, integrate mobility, and access enterprise data both internally and with external partners.

E-mail communication was inefficient, error-prone, and created delays, improved methods of collaboration were also needed. Enterprise data such as legal documents and certificates needed to be better accessed to improve the speed and quality of transactions between Partners and their employees.

With Appian, organizations can benefit from an integrated, low-code platform that delivers significant reduction in the time and costs associated with project management, Project managers gain the ability to:

    • Control the allocation of resources based on availability

    • Assign tasks

    • Control execution

    • Track and report progress

    • Forecast future trends for complex, multi-team projects

The time has never been better for Federal agencies to digitally transform their project management applications. Visit our Federal resource center to learn how your agency can harness the power of the Appian Platform to uncover strategies for high-speed, cost-effective IT modernization that fit your specific organization demands.

Brian Chidester

Industry Marketing Lead - Public Sector