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10 Keys to Unlock Digital Business Success with Digital Transformation

Ben Farrell
March 21, 2018

"Free, perfect, and nowÖis the definition of customer expectations in the Digital Age."

That's the opening line from a new research paper we have produced with author and internationally-recognized process issue expert Andrew Spanyi. The statement is a simple summation of the purpose behind the "digital business transformation" trend. The implications of this simple statement are highly complex.

There are lots of technologies available to help organizations cross the digital chasmÖand that's a big part of the problem. Big data, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), intelligent automation, robotic process automation (RPA), and more. Each one of these is complex enough on its own. Aligning them all together cohesively to the business, implementing them effectively, and keeping it all squarely-focused on the customer experience and customer journey is how you reach the real transformative value of digital business.

To pull all of this together, you need a business and technology framework that is process-oriented and customer-obsessed. If your organization is not getting the desired ROI from its digital initiatives, you might want to run through this assessment checklist:

Digital Transformation Checklist

Read the paper for a deeper understanding of how to increase your chances of digital success. If you have questions about it, attend the April 3 webinar we are hosting with Mr. Spanyi and Alice Wei, Director of Digital Innovations at the University of South Florida. Mr. Spanyi will dive into the research behind the paper's concepts, and Ms. Wei will outline how those concepts align to USF's highly successful transformation program.