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What the Forrester Wave Reveals About Low-Code's Growth

Appian Contributor
October 18, 2017

Times have changed. One-dimensional applications just won't cut it anymore.

Application Development and Delivery (AD&D) leaders seek mature platforms that integrate emerging technologies to enable innovation and collaboration.

Today's Low-Code Platform is quickly becoming the conduit for digital transformation (remember that phrase?) within IT organizations.

The 2017 Forrester Wave for Low-Code Platforms not only reveals the top vendors in the low-code space...

...but also covers the versatility and sophistication of these modern platforms:

*Greater depth of development services/tools: broad range of user-interface, process, data management, reporting, app-management, for forward-looking features*

*Digital process and collaboration: Process apps are the highest priority for low-code applications*

*Distinctive features: IoT Integration, AI and Machine Learning Technologies*

*Ambitious Vendor Visions: Addressing engagement applications, intermediate process and workflow applications, and portals and other aggregated user interfaces *

*Prove useful for large-scale applications: Using Low-code platforms to build applications used across the enterprise *

As a leader in this year's Forrester Wave, Appian continues to empower organizations to develop agile and innovative apps through low-code technology and advanced tools for users.

Why focus on building a robust platform? Forrester says it best in the report:

"Öenterprise AD&D leaders are seeking products with years of strategic value."

At Appian, we not only build apps that transform your organization today, we help you stay ahead of the technology curve, to ensure your successtomorrow.

Want to step up your low-code game?

Learn how in The Forrester Waveô: Low-Code Development Platforms For AD&D Pros, Q4 2017.