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The Appian World 2017 Conference Party

Roland Alston, Appian
April 5, 2017

It goes without saying that the Appian Events team knows how to throw a party. And with the best crew in the business in charge of the entertainment, you can be assured that the festivities will blow your mind.

And, so it waslast night, as I joined a gaggle of Appian's most fervent fans and party people, to make thehalf-mile walk past restaurants, retail shops and gated tennis courts to the Exploratorium...the fabulous venue for the Appian World 2017 throwback Conference Party.

When we arrived at the venue, several party-goers snapped selfies with the 10-foot tall, neon-lit robots that welcomed conferees to the party.

I caught upwith a colleague, and shehelped menavigate throughthe gauntletof snack tables and busy bars to the back of the venue, where I grabbed a cocktail and a small plate of tasty hors d'oeuvres. My colleague reintroduced me to a long-time Appian customer, who I had met earlier at lunch.

It turns out that she won theNCAA bracket challenge on an app designed andbuilt on Appian's enterprise application platform by Architech Solutions, a Washington, DC area Appian partner that participatedthe Appian World 2017 conference.

She said that she wasn't a serious bracketologist, and that it was pure luck she picked North Carolina to win. "I did better than my son, she said proudly. His bracket blew up early in the tournament.After several conversations with various colleagues, customers and partners, I drifted off to explore the Exploratorium.

The venue hadtwo levels and six main galleries, each focused on different areas of interactive learning. I lost track of time interacting with many of the engaging exhibits. On my way down to the main floor, I passeda throng of party-goers who were partyingdown with two neon-tricked-out boogie bots that were mixing and mingling with the crowd. Up on the nearby stage,a live band was rockin' the jointout!

On the way out, I grabbed a handful of neon colored jelly beans from the candy display. Then, I exited stage left and headed back to the hotel to write and post this blog.

In retrospect, the Appian World 2017 Conference Party wasn't just a party. It was a party with a transform the Exploratorium into the ultimate throwback party, with live entertainment, a spirit of exploration capped off with GINORMOUS fun.

And, judging from the high-energy level of the crowd, the Conference Party was a huge success.

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Roland Alston