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Sibos 2017: Embracing Digital Technology to Build The Future

Michael Heffner, Vice President, Solutions and Industry Go To Market
October 23, 2017

The global #Sibos 2017 - Building for the Future - that just concluded in Toronto had promised to be one of the most exciting financial services conferences of 2017. And once again, it did not disappoint.

With 8,100+ delegates, it was officially a record breaking event for Sibos in North America. It was a fast paced week of participant discussions and presenters delivering thought-provoking ideas around disruptive innovation, digital technology, the importance of continued collaboration with FinTechs, and the evolving role of RegTech.

While the focus was on building for the future, we also looked carefully at making operations - including of course payments - more efficient. And we looked carefully at the impact of actionable data.

The Future of Money

As we consistently heard this past week, the future of money is all about data, with data taking on the predominant role as the digital oil to power new services. Transactions, Behavioral and Biometrics data combined all of it constitutes the customers' identity in the digital age.

Banks are sitting on this vast amount of silo'ed data, systems, and processes, and most are hamstrung by legacy architecture. The challenge is to harness that data to drive insights and decisions. Here is perhaps where digital transformation technology can make one of its biggest strategic impacts.

Building the Digital Future

I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent in strategic discussions with so many of my peers, and appreciated the time the audience took to attend our Theater Session with KKR, focused on building the digital future with breakthrough banking technology.

I am certain most of us departed the event deep in thought about how to progress and fine tune the strategic digital roadmap. As we head back to our companies, the critical question is: what are the best steps to take our digital transformation plans to the next level?

Appian and KKR at Sibos

Perhaps the best place to start is with Appian, The Digital Transformation Platformô, which offers proven transformational technology.

As I look back upon Sibos, it all comes down to this: Don't wait to get started. Commit to the digital transformation journey. Stay focused and dedicated. Then build the journey, one step at a time. Case after case shared at Sibos told us that the digital technology partner you choose could well determine when you realize your KPI's and achieve tangible business outcomes.

Let's Connect to Continue the Conversation

Sibos 2017 touched upon all the hot buttons for our financial services sector, offering a number of innovative solutions, and I am already looking forward to seeing the progress we have collectively made by next year's Sibos in Sydney, Australia.

In the meantime, I hope you will send me an e-mail at:, so we can find time to discuss how the Appian platform can help transform your financial enterprise. Let's talk soon.

Michael Heffner

Appian Corporation

Global Capital Markets and Banking Industry Lead