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Predictions for 2017 & Beyond: Forces Shaping the Life Sciences Industry [Podcast]

Evi Cohen, Vice President, Global Life Sciences & Healthcare, Appian
June 21, 2017

Every company needs to look at itself as a software company, and organizations within the Pharma and Life Sciences industry are no exception.

Overall, the top 100 pharma companies constitute about 68% of close to a trillion dollar space. Of the 16 top biotech companies, about 70% of them indicate that they're continuing to see growth, and are projecting further growth into the future. With so much growth within the industry being shaped by the digital economy, pharma is witnessing huge advancements in the ways they can drive new treatments and combat diseases. The most innovative organizations are stepping outside of their comfort zone to adopt new technologies.

If there is a market or industry that is going to face disruption it is the Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical space. The likes of Amazon, Google, Qualcomm, Facebook, IBM and others are already making inroads into this space - with new innovation and growing Intellectual Property space.

As part of Appian's Industry Outlook Podcast, I recently sat down to discuss topics such as:

    • Current industry trends and predictions for the future

    • Resistance to change and its effects on the industry

    • How to balance innovation with quality and compliance demands

    • Factors shaping the pharmaceutical landscape

Listen below, to part 1 of a 3 part series, as I delve into these topics and more surrounding the current state of the industry as well as what innovations I am most excited to see moving forward.

[podcast id="12121839"]

At the DIA Annual Meeting in Chicago this week? Be sure to stop by our booth #2417 to connect with me and my colleagues at the event and continue the conversation.


Evjatar Cohen

VP, Global Pharma & Life Sciences