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Predictions 2017: Engaging The Empowered Patient

Fritz Haimberger
February 24, 2017

Physician/patient relationships are not what they once were. Newly-formed patient expectations have forced healthcare providers to offer more flexible options to meet individualized needs. The empowered patient has forced the hand of healthcare providers to innovate their services through digitization, shifting to value-based care instead of fee-for-service, and other means such as offering more virtual care options.

In Forrester's most recent healthcare report "Predictions 2017: Engaging The Empowered Patient" one thing is abundantly clear: the future of healthcare service begins with big data.

Managing this data effectively will be the key to understanding patients on an individual level and tailoring their care experience to meet their specific needs. It is with this data that the innovations listed above become possible.


Like so many other facets of life, patients want a more digital experience in the provision of healthcare to them. It's smoother, faster, and more convenient than the ways of old. Along with this digitization, however, come a few hiccups along the way.

An increase in digital initiatives means more data. Gaining insights from this data will allow providers to deliver a more effective and individualized care plan. Although storing data can prove to be a problem for organizations that lack the necessary data infrastructure, investments in health clouds continue to be a focus moving forward when it comes to storing vast amounts of data.

Digital also means integrating new technologies into the healthcare experience. Patients want more mobile interactions that still provide a holistic view of their health. Leveraging smartphones, wearables, and apps are all patient-focused initiatives to help digitize healthcare.

Along with an increase in technology comes a simultaneous uptick in data breach risk. Organizations must maintain strict security protocols to ensure the vast amounts of data they have access to are sufficiently protected. Multiple devices connected through the Internet of Things provide a potential avenue for the next big data breach, forcing healthcare providers to constantly audit their security measures.

If you're interested in learning more about the changing face of healthcare, check out Forrester's most recent report here. The report goes into greater detail about big trends in the healthcare industry and how these providers are preparing themselves for the changes ahead.

Fritz Haimberger

Vice President, Healthcare Provider Practice