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Meeting the Demands of Regulatory Information Management

Appian Contributor
February 10, 2017

Maintaining pharmaceutical regulatory compliance in a world driven by ever-increasing demands for speed to market is difficult. Some would say it's near impossible.

Just because there are pressures to reduce delivery time does not mean corners can be cut when dealing with compliance. The same - or even greater standards - of compliance are still necessary. But both speed and quality issues can arise due to data being held hostage in silos. These inflexible structures hinder the free flow of data and prevent organizations from reaching agile efficiency.

Check out this slideshare for some interesting statistics on RIM system trends in the pharmaceutical industry, based on a recent survey of Large Global Life Sciences companies in North America.

The survey found that 76% of respondents still utilize separate systems for each functional area across the value chain. Even more alarming is that 73% report they use at least 4 separate systems for their cross-functional regulatory compliance processes.

This maze of information management adds to the stress of maintaining complete compliance. It's an inefficient structure waiting to leave you in the cold. And with 97% of the surveyed pharmaceutical companies stating RIM system efficiency as an important criterion, the problem is already top of mind.

Efficient RIM starts with theunification of information into a single platform, like the Appian low-code digital transformation platform. Guaranteeing data management compliance will prove much easier when only one system has to support all the necessary standards rather than multiple systems. Data silos are eliminated making the overall process of RIM more efficient and transparent for all parties involved.

Whether you're snowed in or just relaxing by a fireplace, this cool' slideshare has even more awesome statistics for you to learn more about trends in RIM systems at pharmaceutical companies as well as how Appian can help you succeed in your digital transformation initiative.

Dalton Scanlon

Appian for Regulatory Information Management