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Making Software Simple

Matt Calkins
May 25, 2017

Appian is joining the public markets today to raise the curtain on the era of low-code.

We're giving all companies a better way to write unique software.

When companies write software on the Appian platform, it's faster to build, easier to change, more mobile, more portable to the cloud, more integrated, and more secure.

When companies can write great software for themselves, they can define their own personality, move at the speed of their customers, and shape the meaning of their own brand.

Great software is complicated. Our mission is to make it simple.

Appian comes to the public markets a unique institution. We were built with almost no funding, just $10 million, 9 years ago. We're here today thanks to our customers, who have funded our growth, championed our product, and encouraged us to build the features they couldn't find anywhere else.

We're also here thanks to my three visionary co-founders who have built Appian from day one: Mike Beckley, Marc Wilson, and Bob Kramer. And to our extraordinarily talented and loyal employees, many of whom have been with Appian for more than a decade.

Today's public offering is not an ending point, but another step in a long journey. We look forward to making the rest of that journey with the many friends we've gathered along our way.

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Matt Calkins

Appian CEO and Co-Founder