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Low-Code App Platforms Drive Business-IT Alignment

Appian Contributor
January 11, 2017

The need for greater business-IT alignment has been a hot topic since the latter portion of the recession that hit the global economy in the late 2000s. Since then, many organizations have been driving innovation in order to create new revenue opportunities. To a great extent, these advances have come as new technologies have allowed emerging business models to take hold.

Mobile device use allows for more flexible, responsive operational methodologies. Data analytics drivedecision-making improvements. Widespread digital technologies allow for more nuanced customer experiences. All of these conditions add up to a new enterprise climate, and low-code app development platforms are at the center of this ever-changing ecosystem.


Using low-code to improve IT capabilities

"App platforms are at the center of the ever-changing enterprise ecosystem."

Application development platforms featuring low-code tools can have a dramatic impact on IT operations. A recent App Developer Magazine report pointed out that low-code tools provide powerful app and creation functionality that far exceeds what similar technologies have tried to offer in the past. As a result, IT teams can:

    • Get apps created and out to users quickly

    • Spend less time on simple development tasks

    • Empower business users to create their own apps based on their day-to-day needs

    • Focus more on key data management tasks instead of writing out basic code

    • Reduce the testing burden as apps are built on a common platform

Implementing low-code solutions enables businesses to accelerate the pace of innovation and ensure their technology operations keep up with business demands, the report said.

Achieving business-IT Alignment

The rise of low-code app development platforms is changing the way organizations manage development projects. According to TechTarget, this is leading to the idea of BizDevOps, an operational environment in which business, development and operations teams collaborate in order to maximize value. Instead of simply aligning development and operations teams to streamline app creation, organizations are democratizing development tasks with low-code in order to better coordinateIT and business operations to fuel revenue generation.

Modern app platforms are serving as a game-changer in this new operational environment. By incorporating business process management and data integration with low-code tools, app platforms enable businesses to control how information moves through the organization. From there, users can build those data and process workflows into unique apps, creating a competitive edge through proprietary solutions that are simple to manage. Aligning people, processes and technology is becoming possible as low-code tools bring IT and business teams together.

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