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Legacy is History: How to Kickstart Your Agency s IT Modernization

Appian Contributor
July 19, 2017

In today's current state, many federal IT systems aren't able to keep pace with changing organizational needs and are quickly becoming obsolete. These legacy systems not only pose a critical threat to an agency's mission success, they also carry a huge operation and maintenance burden. It is time to leave legacy systems in the past where they belong.

Several agencies have embarked on IT modernization initiatives by adopting newer technologies and agile development practices. Yet, recent Government Accountability Office reports note that IT modernization investments are underperforming due to numerous factors ranging from the improper application of technology to "big bang" approaches to implementation.

Extended implementation timelines are no longer acceptable in a Federal environment where CIOs and other agency executives are being scrutinized for efficiency and cost savings. Software is best suited for incremental and iterative delivery, as opposed to releasing a completed product all at once.

Jump-start your modernization efforts

One viable approach to tackling the complex modernization efforts demanded by government are Appian Accelerators, which offer federal agencies a pathway to get their long-running, under-performing modernization initiatives on the right track, fast. When implemented within the Appian enterprise application platform, our Accelerators can dramatically accelerate and simplify the modernization of your complex legacy systems. You will witness high-velocity application delivery, while also gaining the ability to continuously produce new features and capabilities at scale based on your organizational demands.

For example, one area Appian has already supported with an Accelerator is Grants Management. This platform-based, grants kickstarter provides end-to-end management functionality from application intake, to award, and through to close-out. With powerful, dynamic dashboards, grantees and agencies can effectively address all aspects of the grant lifecycle, including, but not limited to, programs, applications, awards, Financial Reporting (FFR), and Progress Reporting (PPR).

Break the cycle of obsolete apps

Beyond just the ability to kickstart development of high-performing modern applications, the Appian platform itself can break the cyclical IT modernization pattern experienced by federal agencies, that tend to lead to extended timelines that go over budget. This platform will facilitate continuous and perpetual evolution of applications and permanently shield them from becoming obsolete and costly.

Appian continually looks for ways to reduce development time and expedite delivery of value to our customers. Designed by our Professional Services (PS) team and leveraging best practices and experience garnered from multiple real world implementations, Appian Accelerators are pre-built configurable application starters that will speed your agency's time to mission success while reducing your operations and maintenance costs.

Reduce the cost burden of IT modernization with aPaaS.

Visit our Federal resource center to learn how your agency can harness the power of the Appian Platform and Appian Accelerators to uncover strategies for high-speed, cost-effective IT modernization that fit your specific organization demands.

Brian Chidester

Industry Marketing Manager, Public Sector