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Learn to be a Change Agent at Appian World 2018

Ben Farrell
October 17, 2017

Do you want to be an agent of change in your organization?

Of course, you do. We all do.

We spend one-third or more of our lives at work. We want that time to count. We want to shake things up and deliver game-changing results. We want to make our mark on the organization.

You have great ideas. Turning those great ideas into business reality means putting them into the software that runs your business. This is what digital transformation is all about.

And this is where you hit the roadblocks.

Scope gets reduced, and timelines get extended. You get asked to conform your ideas to the limitations of legacy systems and packaged applications. The very idea of change itself is often met with resistance.

To be an agent of change, you need a better way to fight the status quo without compromise.

It turns out that you're in luck, because you have Appian, and Appian is that better way.

Now it's time to double-down.

Appian World 2018 is designed to make you an agent of rapid, high-impact transformation in your organization. It's your one-stop-shop for hands-on product training; for sharing tips and best practices with your industry peers; for getting a handle on where BPM software, Low-Code development, Case Management and more are headed.

And did I mention it's at the iconic Fontainebleau Resort in Miami Beach? Award-winning restaurants, exciting nightlife, and state of the art conference facilities across a 22-acre oceanfront property.

What could be better than fun in the sun while you get the insights and technical skills you need to master change?

I sat down recently with April DelFavero, Appian's Senior Director of Events, to discuss the conference for the Appian Talks podcast series .

Have a listen, check your calendar, and register today!

[podcast id="13058876" text="Appian World 2018 with April Delfavero"]



Ben Farrell

VP, Corporate Communications