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How Alexandre Dumas Inspired Community

Sanchita Gupta
May 1, 2017

You can find inspiration virtually anywhere.

How else can you explain the inspiration of Alexandre Dumas an author who passed away nearly 150 years ago on a world he could not have dreamed up if he tried?

Dumas, of course, is the prolific French author behind one of the most well-known works of literature of all time.

YesÖI am talking about The Three Musketeers.

It is in this novel that you'll find that famous passage you know, even if you weren't quite sure where it came from:


"All for one, and one for all" has served as inspiration for teams and partnerships and organizations probably since it was first published in 1844. It's a rallying call for communityÖfor helping avoid pitfalls, working together, and ultimately achieving whatever it is you're looking to achieve.

And, it's the perfect rallying call for the new Appian Community.

What is Appian Community, you ask? It's the new go-to location to explore, discuss, and learn all things Appian.

Appian Community converges Appian resources in a single place with powerful search capabilities to uncover guidance, tools, and answers. In short, it's the place to go to help avoid pitfalls, work together, and ultimately achieve whatever it is you're looking to achieve with any Appian initiative.

And perhaps the greatest thing about it? It's all for one, and one for all.

That means it's open to everyone.

The Appian Community is now open to everyone. (YesÖeveryone.) Explore Appian resources and user discussions without logging in. Or, unlock even more valuable content and participate with other community users by joining and logging in.

That also means it's integrated.

All for one and one for all isn't limited to users. Single-sign-on across multiple sites provides seamless access to resources and tools, including discussions, case management, and even online training.

The Community also integrates with Appian and exposes core Appian functionality through Sites and Embedded. For example, the case management application is an Appian Site where Appian users may open product support tickets and other case types. And, Appian is embedded into the Community for training registration, Health Check analysis, and more. Plus, as you'd expect from an Appian instance, the end-user experience remains a focus throughout, ensuring that Appian users have easy and fast access to the information and powerful tools needed to drive successful digital transformation.

Here are someof the useful, new features:


See what other users have been asking about, participate in a conversation, or post a new question. Threaded discussions with answer acknowledgement mean users can collaborate and quickly discover answers approved by Community members.


Find what you're looking for faster than ever thanks to Community's integrated search functionality. Search across discussions, knowledge base articles, the Appian Playbook, Appian documentation, and more. Eliminate time spent looking for a solution and be able to focus more on solution implementation.


Join an Appian user group to network, share ideas, and discuss solutions with others in your area or industry.


Access all Appian Training information. Browse learning paths, take credentials, or view upcoming courses. Select a course and register right on the Community.


Appian Support is on Community to make sure you're getting the most value from your Appian solution. With the Appian case management application, quickly submit and access support tickets.

The Appian Community brings it all together for you. All for one, and one for all!

Look around, watch the welcome video, start a discussion, or answer a question.

Learn more by joining the upcoming Community webinar.

Become a part of the Appian Community today!

Sanchita Gupta

Director, Product Marketing

Project Lead, Appian Community