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Healthcare IT: Transforming for Value-Based Care [Podcast]

Fritz Haimberger
September 12, 2017

Healthcare is all about the patient. Yet, patients often feel like they are at the mercy of their providers for scheduling appointments, acquiring compatible medication, and more. When mistakes and missteps happen at any point in the experience with providers, patients become frustrated and less likely to return to the same care practice.

While a lot of the blame gets placed on providers for not having the proper information or coordination to effectively and efficiently deliver flawless care, the reality is that at the root of these issues are outdated and disjointed healthcare IT systems and applications.

Changing Healthcare IT Priorities

As the industry continues to shift from volume- to value-based care and changes to requirements for compliance and government mandates persist, having comprehensive patient electronic medical records (EMRs) and connected systems are top priorities for providers.

However, perhaps a bigger priority for providers is to avoid breaking the bank while they digitally transform. Ripping and replacing existing IT investments is not a practical or cost-effective strategy.

Another driver behind changing healthcare IT priorities is, of course, the patient. The age of social media makes each interaction with a patient an opportunity for the business whether it be a good experience that helps increase loyalty and growth or a poor experience that leads to patients (and their followers) finding alternate providers. The right technology makes a difference.

Healthcare IT Transformation

In order to stay competitive and continue to thrive, healthcare providers must look to technology that unifies information and extends legacy systems. This ensures maximized impact of existing investments. Process automation and analytics are critical components of transformation as well, allowing providers to slice operational costs, become more agile, and ultimately deliver better value to their patients.

With these topics in mind, I had the pleasure of participating in the newest episode of the Appian Talks podcast series.

Listen as we touch on some of the biggest challenges facing the industry and how technology can help increase positive experiences on all ends of the healthcare spectrum. Specifically, tune in to learn about:

    • Pains of using legacy systems, for both providers and their patients

    • The importance of electronic medical records (EMRs)

    • Compliance and mandates, such as reimbursement

    • Digital initiatives healthcare providers are taking to transform

    • Patient and provider experiences, and how the right technology can help

Click the play button below to listen now.

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Fritz Haimberger

Global Industry Lead, Healthcare Provider