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Healthcare Innovation: Strategies for Provider Relationship Management

Cate McConnell
October 5, 2017

As legislative uncertainty looms and the healthcare industry continues to shift toward value-based care, payers must respond by reimagining their business models. In order to deliver better quality of care for members and remain competitive in the digital age, greater collaboration and communication between payers and provider partners is necessary.

How can this be achieved?

Next Generation Provider Relationship Management

Attend the live webinar "Next Generation Provider Relationship Management" on Wednesday, October 18 at 1:00PM EST to get a better understanding of this important topic.

Join me and Linda Ellis, Chief Medical Officer at iCare-Independent Care Health Plan, for an engaging discussion that will help your organization grasp the challenges and technology choices for provider relationship management.

During the webinar, you will learn strategies for:

    • Fostering open communication and transparency with provider partners

    • Lowering provider abrasion with credentialing by centralizing information

    • Streamlining complex administrative and business processes to keep providers in-network

    • Ensuring quality improvement that is future-proof

    • Complying with new regulatory and policy changes for reimbursement

Technology to Enable Provider Relationship Management

The current healthcare landscape is often fragmented, with important member and clinician information scattered across separate systems and data silos. This unsustainable status quo can result in wasted time spent searching for the right information, duplication of work, higher error rates, and ultimately, frustrated members.

Payers must implement strategies to align with providers and keep them in-network; the right technology can be a core enabler to achieving this goal.

By integrating data, payers can gain a more complete view of providers and members, thus allowing for more holistic decision-making. Implementing mature process automation technology helps tackle pains associated with credentialing, utilization management, and reimbursement while reducing risks and costs for administrative, operational work.

Register now and attend this webinar on October 18 at 1:00PM EST to gain a better understanding of practical strategies to improve payer-provider relationships and how incorporating these strategies into your business and IT roadmap can help you better attract and retain your members.


Cate McConnell

Practice Leader, Healthcare Payers