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DPA: Forrester Wave Says the Shift is On!

Appian Contributor
July 7, 2017

You already know it.

Digital Transformation is a buzzword.

And, Digital Transformation is more than a buzzword.

One thing you may not have considered is a quote from the recent report: The Forrester Waveô: Digital Process Automation Software, Q3 2017:

"Digital Transformation Requires Digital Process Automation."

Digital Process Automation or DPA, the requisite acronym that's far catchier is the latest tech term to describe how the Business Process Management (BPM) market is evolving.

And, oh how it's evolving!

According to Forrester, "...DPA is a significant expansion from traditional BPM."

The shift is on!

What expansion specifically does Forrester call out?

And, it's no wonder. Consider this quote from the ReportÖavailable here.

"In a 2016 survey, enterprise respondents were clear: Their future focus for process improvement efforts will be to support digital transformation."

Process automation has almost always been seen as the way to cut costs.

You know the drillÖget more efficient, and you can reduce time and resources needed for specific tasks.

But according to Forrester, process improvement has officially evolved. It's now seen by the market as the on-ramp for digital transformation.

This shouldn't be too much of a surprise. Process automation often represents the quick wins in any transformation effort. By continually improving processes especially the critical ones that set an organization apart and then automating them, no matter how complexÖno matter the number of variablesÖleaders can further their lead, laggards can finally catch upÖand upstarts can come out of nowhere to dominate.

Of course, the Forrester Wave for Digital Process Automation Software is about vendors. And, let's be real. That's why we all can't wait to read it! Forrester uncovers market insights, for sure, and they share some juicy nuggets of intel on vendors they consider to be the most significant providers.

In the Appian Insight Blog, you can pretty much guess the vendor we're going to highlight. Of course, you can read the report and get a great view of the overall market and the significant players in it.

"As a Leader in both Forrester's DPA and low-code Forrester WavesÖ[Appian] is well positioned to help customers on complex process applications while also supporting the efficient automation of a broad range of processes required to drive true digital transformation."

YesÖI could wax eloquently about Appian here...but the words that stick out most? "True digital transformation."

Digital transformation certainly is a buzzwordÖand it's also so much more. Here, Forrester points out that true digital transformation can be achievedÖIF you commit to process automation across your organization. It's more than upgrading systemsÖunifying data and systems. It all starts with process automation.

"All of this, combined with an early commitment to low-code for rapid application development, means Appian is well positioned for taking customers deep and wide in DPA."

Again, the point of this quote's inclusion is not to beat the proverbial chest of Appian. Rather, consider all of the critical components to sustain successful digital transformation. At the core, Forrester implies it's about combining the power of traditional BPM what Forrester calls deep with the speed and/or simplicity of low-code development what Forrester refers to as wide. And it's this deep and wide that defines DPA.

It makes sense. DPA alone helps organizations take full advantage of capabilities and technologies including:

    • Low-code app development

    • BPM

    • RPA

    • AI

    • Dynamic Case Management

    • Mobile engagement

    • Governance

    • Data convergence and integration

    • Consumer-centric UIs

    • Immediate deployment options

    • And the list goes on (and on and on)

Of course, the real takeaway from this Forrester Wave?

If your organization is serious about digital transformation, you better get to know DPA.

Again, access the report here.


Zach Messler

Product Marketing Guy

View the Digital Process Automation report released by Forrester Wave.