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Digitally Transforming Healthcare: 3 Steps to Better Customer Care

Fritz Haimberger
August 24, 2017

The healthcare IT revolution began with electronic health record system deployment and meaningful use standards surrounding EHRs. Now, the healthcare industry is progressing into a period of digital transformation as providers work to integrate data across information channels and create a better customer care experience.

Value-based care models mandate that healthcare providers become more efficient and precise in their operations. The goal is to reduce costs and inefficiencies in the backend to improve quality of care while simultaneously reducing costs across the entire scope of care. Finding success in such a model requires coordination throughout thechain of care, whether treatment took place within a common provider network or between disparate care ecosystems.

This need for coordination depends on digital transformation. Connecting data across the varied lines of business involved in even the simplest healthcare transactions has long been a headache for care providers. Updating processes and infrastructure in tandem can empower stakeholders to share information seamlessly, maintain data quality and coordinate every part of the patient experience.

Data has long been critical in the healthcare sector. Transforming around digital processes can help care providers use data to its greatest effect to improve customer care. Check out the infographic below for more details.

Digitally transforming healthcare in 3 steps.