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Digital Transformation: Beyond the Buzz [Podcast]

Roland Alston, Appian
July 18, 2017

Digital transformation IS buzz.

And when the buzz fades away, when the next big thing comes along, digital transformation will be so much more.

If your goal is to compete and win in the digital economy, digital transformation is essential to your success.

The bad news? Many companies are experiencing remarkable levels of "unsuccess" with their digital transformation efforts.

In fact, 70% of siloed company initiatives will fail by 2018, according to IDC.

Transformation digital or otherwise has always been synonymous with business success. And this hasn't changed. What has changed, though, is the pace and scale at which businesses must evolve to compete and win in the digital age.

One of the biggest challenges is that there's more to digital transformation than installing new systems and apps.

Digital transformation calls for a willingness to rethink conventional business and operating models, as well as traditional approaches to cross-functional collaboration, app development, and innovation.

Build great apps to innovate faster and run smarter.

The most successful CEOs and management teams don't limit their thinking to long-standing routines. They tend to be risk takers who've grown up in the age of technology...those who aren't afraid to challenge conventional wisdom.

We talk a lot about the acceleration of innovation that has come out of digital transformation.

We marvel at the rise of the platform-as-a-service economy. We talk a lot about the vast changes technology has had on our business and personal lives. We celebrate the consumerization of enterprise technology, how we gamify complex business processes, book flights from apps, deposit checks with our phones, video chat with service providers, and buy things online.

Organizations and leadership slow to adapt to where expectations are going, that don't take greater risks, and don't find newer, faster ways to sustain innovation will be replaced by those that do.

In this thought-provoking podcast, Zach Messler sat down with Appian Senior VP of Marketing, Kevin Spurway, to take a fresh look at digital transformation, and why it goes beyond buzz.

Check out the conversation and discover:

    • What's driving business leaders to ride the digital wave

    • Why organizations fail at digital transformation

    • Overcoming organizational challenges to transformation success

    • The digital transformation silo trap, and how to avoid it

    • Essential ingredients to crush your digital transformation goals

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Roland Alston