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Customer Expectations Propel Constituent Experience Modernization

Appian Contributor
October 13, 2017

While the Federal Government has been historically conservative in adopting technology, constituent expectations have become a driving force in their willingness to innovate at faster pace. Constituents increasingly expect and demand the same level of service from the public sector that they get from private-sector companies.

Agencies are finding that organizations that are late adopters may jeopardize constituent relationships. Millennials largely believe one of the ways to improve their experience with government is for agencies to be more transparent in how they handle constituent issues.

Unleashing Creativity, Innovation, and Agility

The new White House Office of American Innovation has among its primary missions, to improve constituent experience and relationship with government, as it works towards modernization. It is attempting to unleash the creativity, innovation, and agility seen within the private sector to provide citizen services in a way that has never happened before. The hope is that by modernizing these systems it will meaningfully improve the lives of Americans across the country.

As government IT reinvents itself, an enterprise constituent case management software system will play a powerful role in establishing more interactive and productive relationships with the public.

Enabling Effective Communications

The digital era brings with it an unprecedented amount of data in a dizzying array of formats. To be actionable, data can not just be collected and stored, it requires, integrating, searching, retrieving, analyzing, and sharing, all while adhering to privacy and security regulations.

In today's landscape, delivering high value services tends to be an extended interaction. Government agencies are being asked to manage complex business processes and deliver the right outcome on the first touchpoint, and on every subsequent touchpoint. This demand for agency efficiency, that continues to keep pace with the communications that constituents expect, requires a highly agile, flexible, secure, and on-demand platform to respond to specific needs.

Visit our Federal resource center to learn how your agency can harness the power of the Appian Platform and the Appian Accelerator for Constituent Case Management to streamline the procedures for processing external and internal correspondence, and provide transparency into inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and overdue tasks to optimize your constituent communications and services.

Brian Chidester

Industry Marketing Lead - Government