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Appian RPA with Blue Prism: A Dynamic Duo for the Digital Workforce

Bart Peluso
July 20, 2017

Our world is filled with dynamic duos. Batman and Robin, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, Michael Jordan and Scottie PippenÖyou get the point. In tech, we need more great tag-teams to drive innovation and help clients build competitive advantage. Partnerships that share a common vision not solely based on transactions but rather facilitating competitive change and organizational agility.

This is why many IT vendors pride themselves on their technology alliance partner (TAP) programs, which allow them to work cohesively with like-minded companies to build the most ideal solutions for their customers. Blue Prism is no exception. With a constantly growing ecosystem of partners, there is no limit to the possibilities for our customers. One such partner is Appian, a leading global provider of low-code application development and BPM software.

In February, we announced our partnership with Appian and mutual plan to make our solutions compatible for future customer deployments. Appian and Blue Prism both believe in transforming how companies work for the better with business process automation and digital workforce solutions. Add in the fact that Forrester ranked Appian as a leader in The Forrester Waveô: Digital Process Automation Software, Q3 2017 report and The Forrester Waveô: Low-Code Development Platforms, Q2 2016, and Blue Prism as a leader in The Forrester Waveô: Robotic Process Automation, Q1 2017 report, this collaboration might give a few super hero teams a run for their money.

In fact, Appian and Blue Prism are blending to make their own dynamic duo: Appian RPA with Blue Prism. This offering enables customers to get Blue Prism's digital workforce automation with Appian's advanced rules management and process control in a single, consumable product. Appian RPA is a first-of-its-kind BPM/RPA software that can easily adapt to the modern fast-paced business environment without disrupting most employees and even eliminating the more mundane functions of their job.

This offering builds on an already well-established partnership while giving organizations a one-stop-shop for all their enterprise automation needs, especially those that require the highest levels of auditing, security and scalability.

Like Sherlock Holmes and his faithful friend Dr. Watson and Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, no one vendor can do it alone. And it is through partnership and cooperation that will lead this next digital revolution.

Bart Peluso

Vice President and Global Head of Product Marketing, Blue Prism

RPA and Enterprise Automation