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Addressing Challenges Across the Product Lifecycle in Life Sciences

Evi Cohen, Vice President, Global Life Sciences & Healthcare, Appian
March 14, 2017

When we as patients take a plain white tablet to treat a disease or an ailment we expect the product to perform as intended - no side effects or adverse events. We pay little attention to the true complexity of what can seem as simple as a plain white tablet.

The same goes for when we receive an ultrasound, the machine seem simple enough - a screen with a keyboard and a wand connected by a wire. We don't pay attention to the complexity of this technology that only in the last 30 years has become commonplace in medical exams.

What we are all overlooking is the complexity of the research that went into discovering a new molecule to treat a certain disease, or create a device that helps us see what the naked eye cannot. The work that goes into developing a drug delivery mechanism to get the molecule into the body and to the right site of action, plus the manufacturing process for making commercial quantities to treat the larger population are no easy tasks. Not to mention, the clinical studies and quality testing required in order to verify that the drug is both efficacious and safe.

That's where Appian comes in, taking the complexity found at each stage of the product lifecycle and providing a digital transformation platform that helps bring a safe, effective, quality product to market faster.

With Appian, each stage of a life science product's lifecycle is taken into account, as you can easily track each stage, and get your product to market faster, keeping a competitive edge, while safely serving your patients.

The details of how Appian can assist in addressing the challenges across the life science product lifecycle are all laid out here, in this industry brief, as well as in an even more detailed look on this page dedicated especially to Appian's Life Science Product Lifecycle resources.Take a look at each of these links, and then send me over an e-mail atEvi.Cohen@appian.comand we can talk about the specifics of your product and how Appian help you serve your patients better, while remaining a top competitor in the field.

Evi Cohen

Vice President, Global Pharma and Life Sciences