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Accelerating IT Modernization is the Key to Driving Mission Success

Jason Adolf, Industry Vice President - Global Public Sector
June 27, 2017

Elected officials and government employees in agencies scattered across the United States are consistently trying to find ways to make the maximum return on investment with the funds they receive. However, if budget projections turn out to be accurate, federal agencies will have to be even more efficient with less resources, and stretch the value of these funds even further.

Even with this government-wide exercise towards higher ROI, traditional, new and innovative technologies are rendered nearly obsolete by the time they actually reach the end user in a Federal environment. This disruption alone is a significant threat to the future of these Federal IT investments.

In the face of these obstacles, the White House recently released an executive order stating "the federal government must transform and modernize its information technology and how it uses and delivers digital services." With all these demands now being placed on these Federal agencies, now more than ever, they are turning to the private sector to lead the way innovating through these challenges.

Agencies need to find a digital transformation platform that allows them to integrate and consolidate multiple vendor applications into a single source of truth, for ease of use, and increased efficiency. This, in turn, can provide the basis for new capabilities delivered more cost-effectively, as well as reduced maintenance costs over time.

That's where Appian comes in. Agencies no longer have to choose between status quo and innovation, but can move forward to deliver what's best for their agency, and ultimately, the people they're being paid to serve, their constituents.

One trend we are seeing involves agencies turning towards Application Platform-as-a-Service (aPaaS) options to reduce the cost of their legacy infrastructure. aPaaS options for application development come with a number of benefits that ultimately reduce operations and maintenance spending.

Is your agency spending so much to keep the lights on in IT that you can't effectively engage in modernization initiatives? Visit our Federal resource center to see how Appian's Application Platform-as-a-Service, low-code application development platform can take a difficult and expensive systems portfolio and turn it into a cost and time efficient approach. And, take the opportunity to learn more about our Appian Accelerators that can help you jumpstart your program modernization efforts.