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3 Ways App Platforms Help Companies Prepare for Digital Transformation

Appian Contributor
January 3, 2017

Digital transformation is rising as a way of keeping up with the demands facing the modern enterprise, but organizations still have plenty of challenges ahead. Deloitte found that 90 percent of managers expect digital disruption to be either great or moderate. Gartner found that half of CEOs believe their entire industries will be transformed by digital technologies, and not just on the surface. However, Deloitte found that less than 50 percent of managers feel they are prepared for digital transformation.

It's time to go digital

Gartner found that CEOs care a great deal about how digital processes will impact both customer and employee experiences for the better. However, transforming around digital technologies isn't always straightforward. Application development platforms can help companies keep up with transformation in three key ways:

1. Gain more flexibility

Just about every business has, at some point, run into a situation like this:

? Customers or employees have wanted to accomplish something...

? Everybody agreed that it would be great to be able to do it...

?But, the technology simply couldn't keep up.

Investing in new solutions would be too costly and disruptive, for example, and the idea would get scrapped. This is especially problematic as digital transformation takes hold because operational demands and data workflows can change so quickly that taking extended periods of time to develop new solutions for every issue that comes up iscounter-productive.

App platforms accelerate development with low-code tools, providing incredibleflexibility by letting users quickly add new functions to existing apps or build unique solutions without having to write code to get the job done.

Empowering mobile users is a key component of digital transformation.Empowering mobile users is a key component of digital transformation.

2. Empower mobile users

Having to release multiple versions of apps to meet the needs of mobile users can stifle innovation, and non-native apps can perform poorly on mobile anyway. Mobile app development platforms are designed to work equally on any device, giving your mobile users the same functionality as the rest of your teams and simplifying back-end business processes.

3. Keep data under control

Breaking down data silos is critical in digitally transformed businesses. Letting users find their own solutions to collaboration problems can leave data exposed in diverse ways. Conversely, app platforms serve as central hubs for data from diverse sources under one roof, giving users the accessto information they need without putting that data at risk.

Digital transformation is rising fast in order to support both customer and employee demands. App platforms give businesses what they need to prepare for this shift.

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