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Win Digital Gold with Low-Code

Appian Contributor
July 13, 2016

It happened again last week. Asked what I did for a living, I cheerfully answered, "I do marketing for an awesome high tech company." And then, I blurted out "our software is the Michael Phelps of digital innovation."

"Huh," my conversation buddy said. "What do you have to do with the most decorated Olympian of all time?"

Now I was on a roll, "Well you know that Phelps achieves such outstanding results. He wields so much power, swims so fast, yet makes it look so easy."


"That's what we do, only with a Low-Code digital platform that can drive some amazing innovative results for our customers."

At that point, whether genuinely interested or just feeling obligated, he asked me to tell him more, and so of course I did...

Why is Low-Code So Important?

There's an explosion in interest for new digital applications, services and experiences. With seemingly infinite demand, digital development talent is at a premium. In the 2016 CIO Agenda survey, Gartner found the lack of skilled developers and development resources was the number one obstacle to digital innovation.

Enterlow-code development, described by Forrester as "Platforms that enable rapid delivery of business applications with a minimum of hand-coding and minimal upfront investment in setup, training, and deployment."

Built for Digital Innovation

What makes a Low-Code development platform so good at what it does?

Combine an intuitive drag and drop design approach, enterprise class security and governance, and the ability to serve IT architectural needs alongside citizen developer initiatives... and you've just earned a gold medal in digital transformation.

Consider Phelps.

He was built to be a swimmer; after all, his nickname is The Flying Fish.' Unlike the average person, Phelps' outstretched arms tip to tip are three inches longer than his height, and his larger than average hands and size 14 feet with flexible (perhaps double-jointed) ankles work like fins to propel him. In addition to wingspan, he has remarkable upper body strength from a long and powerful torso that is wholly disproportionate to his height, allowing him to sit high in the water.

All these qualities plus a smart, focused approach and discipline are Phelps' secret weapon in the pool.

Just like Phelps, Low-Code is agile, intelligent, and fit-to-purpose.

Deliver Enterprise Transformation

Want to know more?

Find out how Low-Code can be the secret weapon to accelerate change and meet the demand for large-scale digital transformation at our July 20th Low-Code Webinar. We'll cover:

    • What's driving the emergence of the low-code market

    • How low-code technologies can scale to industrial-strength

While Michael Phelps won't be speaking, we are featuring an outstanding medal-worthy line-up: Clay Richardson, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research; Stephen Shaffer, CIO, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport; and Malcolm Ross, Vice President of Product Marketing, Appian.

You can register here.

Deb Miller, Director ofIndustry Marketing