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White Paper: The FinTech Revolution

Appian Contributor
March 7, 2016

At it's core, what the FinTech Revolutionis about is transformation.

Driven by new technologies that speed the time from idea to true disruption, FinTech enables huge leaps in what's been possible for financial institutions, and really more so, what's been possible for their customers.

Why is this so interesting?The future has always been a moving target.

This. The future has always been a moving target. With innovation in financial services happening at the speed of light, how can you stay ahead?

OK. Let's be real. Forget staying ahead...How can you evolve if you're always focused on not falling behind? If you continually work on playing catch-up?

This is perhaps the most important development of the FinTech Revolution: The abilityto be proactive.

In financial services, proactively addressing the futurehas been problematic.For years, financial institutions reacted to change as the need presented:

    • They responded to changing customerdemands withnew products.

    • They satisfied regulatory challenges withnew reporting capabilities.

    • They grew their asset base with newacquisitions.

But, with this reactive approach, they created a massive, forever growing problem: silos andpatched systems unable to communicate with each other...and becoming even more challenging as bothcustomers, as well as all those external systems of checks and balances become more and more demanding.

Sound familiar?

The FinTech Revolution is about transformation. And harnessing the ability to be proactive is key.

With this in mind, I invite you to download andread a new paper that goes into additional detail aboutFinTech, as well as uncovers a prudent approach to for financial institutions to not only meet expectations, but exceed them.

Once you've read it, I'd love to hear your thoughts...

Zach Messler