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The Gold Standard for Mergers and Acquisitions

Fritz Haimberger
November 10, 2016

The infrastructure of healthcare as a whole is changing, that's no secret. One major aspect of these changes is that larger hospital systems are merging with and acquiring smaller ones.

With these mergers and acquisitions come the obvious challenges that arise whenever different entities come together - operational habits are already entrenched in the unique businesses, preferred methods for accomplishing work are already in place, and entire digital systems can differ, as well. In order for these healthcare systems to work together and provide quality care to their patients, a plan needs to be in place for a seamless transition long before any merger or acquisition actually takes place.

Without a seamless transition, the merger or acquisition will be tenuous at best. Decisions will be made that are not beneficial to either business entity. In the end, the people who matter most - the patients - end up paying the price with service that is not up to par.

With Appian, the complex process of mergers and acquisitions can be managed with ease. Data is available to those who need it, when they need it, on any device. It's designed to help you build a plan before these transactions ever finalize and plan for future activities at the same time, all while learning about what did and didn't work during the previous instances.

Simply put, Appian makes the transition of acquiring a new hospital or group of hospitals easier, not only for the parent company and those acquired, but for the most important people involved in this process - the patient.

We've put together a short explanation on how Appian can make your mergers and acquisitions run smoothly. Check it out here, and then send me an e-mail at: Fritz.Haimberger@appian.comto discuss how Appian can specifically help your business.

Fritz Haimberger

Healthcare Provider Practice Leader