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The Future Of Work And Customer Experience [Infographic]

Appian Contributor
November 3, 2016

The Future Of Work And Customer Experience Requires A Case Management Approach [Infographic]

Would you say your customers are important?

Of course you would.

And so, it stands to reason that the journey they take from the very first interaction with your organization to the experience encountered just last week is critical, right?


So if perfecting the art of the seamless customer journey is so necessary to deliver a consistently positive customer experience, why does it evade so many modern companies today?

Hold on...we may be getting ahead of ourselves. What qualifies as a fully seamless customer journey, anyway?

Due to the growing dynamics of customer touches, having a single customer view is key. Recently, Appian commissioned Forrester Research to find the key to a unified customer journey. One approach to this challenge was resoundingly clear: syncing data and processes via Dynamic Case Management (DCM).

Too many organizations attempting to cobble paste together a picture of their customers across disparate systems, making it difficult to not only to identify customer journeys, but also nearly impossible to proactively retain customers.

The following infographic highlights the common challenges that organizations face on the path to establishing a positive customer experience and highlights:

    • The top five customer journey challenges

    • The top five DCM capabilities essential to improving the customer experience

    • Customer journey use cases that benefit from a DCM platform


Get a more in-depth view of these challenges, as well as insight into how Dynamic Case Management solutions play a big role in thisForrester report.

Monique Blake