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The Business of Government - Simplified

Jason Adolf, Industry Vice President - Global Public Sector
July 18, 2016

We've all seen it. Lists that are published by government audit agencies or watchdog groups about IT projects over budget, behind schedule, and with no clear path forward.

Sometimes you'll see projects hitting the $1,000,000,000 mark and wonder, "how could they possibly spend that much money on a software development project?"

Unfortunately, we see this all too often in government, and it's nearly impossible to find a source for these high spending numbers because there are so many stakeholders involved.

How many times do those working on a federal IT project look at their work and think, "Why does this have to be so complicated?"

It doesn't have to be.

"The Business of Government - Simplified"

Like most of you reading this, I'm a taxpayer. It's this aspect, as a constituent, and my 15 year career in Federal IT, that make me so pleased to join the Appian team as our Federal Practice Lead. I joined the team in June, and am already excited about the things we've accomplished during that time.

Appian's BPM platform is designed to simplify, NOT over-complicate IT requirements and software development efforts. Our goals for disrupting the Federal IT market are to show our customers how they can reduce the cost and delivery time for projects by double digit percentages on nearly every use case.

I know this may not seem possible, but it is; I've done it (and lived to tell about it). Click here to see my story about the Affordable Care Act as a customer last year at Appian World 2015. It's a story about a project with a demanding schedule, ever changing requirements, and immovable deadlines not written expressly for Hollywood!

One of the best things we've accomplished since my start at Appian is the re-design of our Appian for Government website. The revamped page has great customer stories, a plethora of assets regarding Appian's work with government, and expansive details on how Appian helps government accomplish the items I described above. Check it out here.

I'm excited to be a part of Appian. I'd like to challenge our customers, partners, and prospective customers to let us take a swing at your set of requirements to see how we can deliver a more "simplified" way of doing the Business of Government. Feel free to drop me an e-mail at so we can discuss your requirements further!