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Rate Your Pain: Improving the Patient Experience

Fritz Haimberger
May 24, 2016

It's common practice among healthcare providers to ask their patients, "On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your pain?" The goal of any clinician is to provide patients with the most pain-free experience possible while still delivering the highest possible standard of care.

The same sentiment exists with Appian's goals for the healthcare provider. Appian strives to provide healthcare organizations with a pain-free experience when it comes to their Revenue Cycle Management (RCM). When a provider entity's RCM is running smoothly, it can work to deliver excellent patient care, rather than focusing on revenue.

Pain Scale: 10, Hurts Worst

Generally speaking, "pain-free" isn't the way many healthcare providers feel about their revenue cycle. It's full of twists and turns, waiting to get paid by a healthcare payer system so claims can be processed on time. On the pain scale, revenue cycle concerns can be a solid "10" as they thwart providers' abilities to focus on the things they care about most...their patients.

Pain Scale: 4, Hurts Little More

The entire RCM process can be daunting for healthcare entities. Individual portions of this process that typically cause headaches include:

    • Denied claims due to misinformation on bills (e.g., miscoding of procedures, incorrect diagnosis codes).

    • Improperly selected financial classes for patients.

    • Incorrect primary/secondary/tertiary-selected payers (i.e. improper coordination of benefits).

And these are just a few. These issues disrupt operations and introduce costly inefficiencies that negatively impact the provider-patient relationship.

Pain Scale: 0, No Hurt

Appian's goal is to reduce the provider's pain to as close to zero, while increasing satisfaction for both clinician and patient. With a smooth RCM process administered through Appian providers receive payment through their patients' insurance providers in a timely manner, allowing clinician claims to be fulfilled easily as well.

Relief is Possible

We can all agree, there is undoubtedly a gap in most revenue cycle systems that is yearning for optimization. To deliver a better experience for everyone in the healthcare provision lifecycle, you ensure patients are both engaged in their continuum of care, as well as ultimately satisfied with the care and services provided to them. With Appian solutions covering the gamut from patient inbound document management... to provider enrollment and maintenance systems... to individual physician office compliance and standardization, a clear focus on care delivery becomes the norm.

Appian is an end to end, low-code application development platform, founded in BPM. It has a strong track record of success across the healthcare payer and provider spectrum, as well as across life-sciences/pharmaceuticals, insurance, financial services, and the U.S. Federal government .

If you're feeling like your revenue cycle has you topping out on the pain scale, shoot me an e-mail at, I'd be happy to have a discussion.Here's to reducing the pain!