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Picture This...The Future of Healthcare Payers

Appian Contributor
May 10, 2016

Picture this...

You're a healthcare payer.

You continually struggle with coordinating care for your members, engaging your members, maintaining regulatory compliance and managing administrative costs. You want to overcome it. Of course! But, processes are too critical to change quickly...and you feel your organization could use an operational overhaul.

It's just too much too soon. It's way too tough.

Well, hold on! What if it didn't have to be so tough?

With this in mind, I hope you'll join Appian for a special dinner, Tuesday evening, May 17 in Orlando Florida. We'll all be there anyway for the BCBS National Summit, right? So why not meet upfor a nice meal and even better conversation with counterparts from other BCBS organizations?


Okay. Hold on. Let me give you some added perspectiveÖ

Appian has the potential to help transform strategy and operations at healthcare insurance companies. This enables healthcare organizations to accomplish much more in less time.Specifically, Appian has the capabilities to:

    • Have real-time data from customer service about questions, concerns, and complaints by product line (HMO vs. PPO) and specific products (HMO 2000 deductible vs HMO 1000 deductible).

    • Determine the financial performance of each product to pin down if there are problems with revenue, expenses, or both.


We lookforward to hearing directly from you healthcare insurers about the challenges you face. We hope to see you at our booth, as well as at the aforementioned Appian-hosted dinner, scheduled for Tuesday evening, May 17. Please join us for some lively discussion around trends in the payer community.

Make sure to contact me so we can get together at the BCBS Summit and show you first-hand Appian's fingerprint on the healthcare payer industry.