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Low-Code App Platforms, Bimodal Strategies Can Help CIOs Fuel Digital Innovation

Appian Contributor
December 5, 2016

The technology demands of the modern enterprise are so great that IT departments can, understandably, have a difficult time keeping up. Businesses that want to transform around digital operations must connect data across diverse app ecosystems, support a wide array of device types, interact with disparate cloud services and keep up with a staggering pace of change. Digital innovation in both technology and business processes is critical as companies try to keep up, and a recent study from Gartner found that CIOs are often expected to drive progress within their organizations and enterprise application platforms can help.

Digital innovation driving platform, bimodal investments

A recent study from Gartner found that CIOs are playing a key role in driving innovation in the enterprise, and the move to digital is becoming acute in order to help organizations attract and retain top talent. Digital processes will likely grow from taking up approximately 44 percent of the business to 77 percent of operations over the course of the next five years, and two key strategies are emerging to help CIOs keep up platforms and bimodal methodologies.

According to Gartner, building the business around platform models can create a more flexible, adaptable foundation compared to traditionally rigid models that segregate different user groups. The result is a situation in which resources are more interconnected not only within the organization, but also with external users, driving flexibility and efficiency. Bimodal operations also further this goal of elasticity in the business, as being able to shift between rigid, structured IT processes and adaptable, fast-moving operations is critical. Approximately 40 percent of CIOs polled said they are already working on bimodal.

Digital tools are unlocking new process options in the enterprise.

Democratizing development to further the platform

Creating a robust ecosystem of apps and services is critical as companies work to build out platform methodologies. Modern mobile app platforms can be critical here as they offer low-code development tools to streamline and accelerate app creation. A recent CIO magazine report explained that democratizing development by empowering non-tech users to create or customize apps can alleviate the skills gap facing IT teams, making it easier for them to keep up with the demand for digital innovation.

A skills gap can hold organizations back from establishing a platform methodology, but using bimodal IT combined with low-code tools can enable IT teams to shift development functionality and put more of their time and attention on more technically demanding tasks. CIOs are facing pressure to innovate, and app platforms can relieve some of the strain.

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