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Low-Code App Development Platforms Driving Innovation, Security Advances

Appian Contributor
April 20, 2016

The mobile revolution is well underway in enterprise settings, creating an operational climate in which apps are at the center of the workplace. As apps gain a stronghold in businesses, organizations need to rapidly develop new solutions and get them out to end users. Low-code development is emerging as a key innovative enabler here, as app development platforms featuring low-code functionality make it easier to quickly create new apps and adjust existing ones.

These advances are fueling key business advances, particularly in terms of helping them maximize the value of their staff while also improving security.

Low-code and the technical staff dilemma

Finding talented IT staff to develop mobile apps is proving incredibly difficult for CIOs. A recent TechTarget report explained that low-code development is helping companies overcome this challenge by making app development much easier and faster for their IT teams. The result is a situation in which individuals can get apps faster, with less work, allowing IT leaders to better support operational demands while also preventing development from bogging down their employees.

According to the news source, finding enough developers to keep projects on schedule is among the major challenges facing businesses, and the ability to reduce development burdens through low-code functions plays an integral role in overcoming this challenge.

Low-code tools can fuel rapid, secure app development.

Low-code and security

The rise of low-code development is also fueling security innovation as developers can create apps with continuous progress in mind, eliminating the need to build flexibility into apps, making it much easier to create secure data workflows within the solution, InfoWorld reported. In many cases, apps end up with vulnerabilities over time as they are updated for new functionality. A low-code app development platform creates a secure foundation for apps, allowing developers to quickly add new functions without creating new risks within the app.

Low-code and innovation

Traditional development limitations and security challenges are among the key issues facing businesses today. Companies face immense pressure to solve many longstanding problems in their IT operations. Getting more value out of employees is a key component of that process. Low-code tools accelerate many of the most tedious portions of app development, making it much easier for them to create value across other areas of operations. At the same time, the simplified security makes it easier to change app capabilities as business demands change. These advances fuel innovation on multiple levels, establishing a clear path toward business agility.