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It s Never Just About the Mobile App

Jorge Sanchez, Sr. Director, Product Strategy, Appian
February 29, 2016

"Can Appian's mobile app do this?"

"Can you support this use case?"

"Does it run on any iOS/Android device?"

People ask me about Appian's mobile capabilities all the time.

What really catches my attention? What comes afterÖbecause it's never just about the mobile app, right?

Sure, it's fantastic your field workers can access the data they need and update the system on the spot. It's awesome that your engineers can create a new service request, even if they are offline. The salesforce has not been happier about using mobile devices to do business.

But what about the people back at HQ?

    • They also care about what's happening out there.

    • They want visibility into who did whatÖ and when.

    • They want their mobile workers to have access not just to one form, but their whole enterprise.

And what's more, sometimes the information captured from the field will trigger actions that involve other people in other systems.

Yes, it's never just about the mobile app. It's about the whole experience.

Organizations with mobile use cases certainly don't want just another silo for each mobile app they have. They want them to be part of their enterprise software ecosystem.

Whenever people ask me about Appian's mobile capabilities, I always ask them about their enterprise landscape. How will you harness the data from the field in order to take the best possible action?

The integrated decision cycle is all about awareness...turned into knowledge...then turned into action. Mobile is a great new avenue for this, not as an independent entity, but as part of a whole.

This is one of the reasons why Appian is not a collection of different products catering to specific needs. We offer a complete platform that helps solve all of your organization's needs. I invite you to learn more about our mobile capabilities, as well as how it all fits in the Appian Platform.

Until next time,

Jorge Sanchez, Director, Product