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Introducing a New Personalized Coaching Service: Agile Diagnostics

Staff, Appian
May 1, 2016

Do you keep running into the same delivery challenges release after release?

Do you feel that there must be a better way, but don't know quite where to start?

Do you understand the theory, but need guidance determining the right next steps for your team?

Get your team or program back on track quickly with an Appian Agile Diagnostics customized coaching session!

Agile Diagnostics is a personalized service for the Appian community, geared at providing specific recommendations and in-person coaching to put action into place immediately.


Whether you're new to Agile or looking to drive continuous improvement, let us help your team optimize its delivery process to get the most value possible out of your Appian investment...right now.

Hosted by a Certified Agile Coach, this 1-week customized training session includes:

    • An audit phase to determine current state and identify the highest priority needs

    • A coaching phase to provide in-person, hands-on coaching on the tactical next steps needed to get your team back on track now

    • A status report summarizing audit findings and coaching activities

    • An outline of next steps and longer term recommendations to help your team or program continue to mature its delivery process

Contact the training team today to learn more and register your team for Agile Diagnostics to ensure quick delivery of high quality, high performance applications by leveraging an Agile methodology!


-Julie Wyman

Agile Coach, Appian