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Inaugural Women's Leadership Program Coding Challenge

Linda Chiang
September 19, 2016

Are you a college student who loves tech?

How does $1,000 cash sound?

What about an exclusive internship?

A chance to work on developing real product featuresfor a cutting-edge technology?

What more could a college student want?!

That dream can become reality, thanks to the Inaugural Appian Women's Leadership Program Coding Challenge!

What is it?

Developed by Appian Engineering in partnership with Appian's Women's Leadership Program, the Coding Challenge is a program to identify and assist strong women programmers so they can best pursue a career in the software industry.

Participants will be tasked with creating their own search engine. Finalists will be invited to present their projects in front of Appian engineers at Appian Global Headquarters in Reston, Virginia.

[Participants maysubmit entries herebeforeMarch 6, 2017 at 11:59PM]

Who's Sponsoring?

Appian's Women's Leadership Program.

The Appian Women's Leadership Program is an amazing group dedicated to the success of women in the workforce. Their mission?

"Empower the women of Appian to maximize positive impact on our careers, Appian, the software industry, and local communities."

The Women's Leadership Program is one of many programs at Appian devoted to employee success.

Part of the Women's Leadership Program's mission is to support and encourage current and future female engineers. Our members are working hard to support each other in their careers as engineers, as well as seek out and encourage other women to join the team.

Check out this pageto learn more about life as an Appian engineer.


Who can enter?

The Coding Challenge is open to all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year female University of Virginia and University ofMaryland students.

What are the rules?

The rules for the competition are:

    • Use of APIs to create the user interface is permitted.

    • All other code is to be original and written without assistance.

    • Search engine should include an intuitive user interface.

    • Search results are to be ranked in order of relevance with government, university, and results referencing Appian given priority.

    • Submission consists of code and a statement summarizing important features of the search engine, the user interface, and any code highlights. Statement is limited to five pages.

    • Submissions will be run on an Appian machine.

    • Finalists will be invited to present their projects in front of Appian engineers at Appian Global Headquarters in Reston, Virginia.

Your search engine will be graded based on the following:

    • Search engine algorithms' abilities, originality and code quality, and statement rationale given greatest weight.

    • Quality of user interface appearance, intuitiveness, ease of use, and capabilities will be used to distinguish search engines of comparable quality.

What are the Prizes?

The winner of the Coding Challenge receives a $1,000 cash prize, as well as an internship offer with Appian. If desired, the internship may be deferred for one year.

Second and third place finishers each receive a $500 cash prize.

But waitÖThere is also the possibility of an internship offer to the second and third place finishers as well!

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to meet new people, learn what it's like to workata greatcompany, and gain real product development experience.

Oh! And don't forget that internship and $1,000 prize!

Questions? Please send an email to

Linda Chiang

Senior Software Engineer, Appian