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How to Build Great Customer Journeys [Infographic]

Appian Contributor
March 25, 2016

Every interaction a customer has with your organization is a step on its journey. Whether somebody is researching a product on your website, talking with a sales representative, or contacting your service department, you want that individual to have a positive experience with you. However, a good experience isn't enough.

A great customer journey will create a situation in which the customer experience is consistent across every interaction. Centralizing customer data, standardizing processes, and making sure your different apps and services communicate with each other plays a key part in ensuring a positive journey.

Customers will interact with you in a variety of ways, creating new data points that can help you build your relationship within them. Creating a positive journey depends on making sure that information gets to the right people when they need it. Business process management software can help here by enabling you to coordinate data and processes across different operational teams.

Check out the infographic below for more insights into what you should consider when establishing your vision for your customer journey. For even more information on how to build your customer journey, download the new eBook.

Learn how to build great customer journeys using BPM software