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How Agile Processes Provide the Freedom to Fail

Victoria Ebel, Appian
August 9, 2016


Now that I have your attentionÖ

What is it about that dirty word, that makes it so terrifying?

Is it the loss of confidence it brings?

Or maybe the financial implications it carries with it?

Whatever the reason, fear of failure has been impeding brilliance for far too long.

Fortunately, with the dawn of agile business process management, companies have been given the gift of guilt-free failure.

How is that possible?!

Agile BPM allows for a "fail fast" mentality.

By using agile methodologies, organizations can move ahead withsome of their more innovative ideas without letting the possibility of failure break their business (or confidence).

With the ability to bounce back quickly, youdon't have to wallow in failure. Instead, continue on to other ventures that may prove successful. Endless opportunities to think big could lead to the next big industry disruption! When you are only limited to your ideas, and you can turn those ideas into impact quickly? The possibilities can be endless.

How does that happen?!

Streamlining processes helps companies sustain thefast-paced, ever-changing operation needed for innovation in our digital world.

Creative moves are only possible if companies have these stable processes throughout their business. Through organized processes, organizationscan gain a clear understanding of their customers, data, and capabilities, which in turn help them manage the effects of change with greater ease. The ability to efficiently monitor the outcomes of change also helps when making modifications and further decisions. This cycle effectively promotes business development, pushing you closer to positive outcomes.

But how do I WIN?!

To win, you must fail. But failing isn't as scary as it once was. The new age of "failing fast" gives organizations the freedom to take calculated risks, get creative, get knocked down, get back up quickly, and ultimately succeed at a faster rate.

Take advantage of your new-found freedom to fail. Put your ideas out there. Give the world new innovation. Risk failure with the comfort of knowing that your business processes will be there to guide and support you.

Fail fast, fail often, with agile processes.

Victoria Ebel