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Government Agility: Unify People Through Connected Data and Processes [Infographic]

Appian Contributor
April 27, 2016

Government agencies are facing a difficult transition into the digital world. They need to update and accelerate their processes around digital tools, particularly as constituents demand the ability to interact with agencies online and through mobile apps and services. At the same time, people want to see the government working more efficiently, spending as little as possible when it comes to tax-payer funding.

All of these pressures combine with the usual challenges of government services - protecting data while meeting the needs of a wide range of constituents - to put immense pressure on agencies to innovate. And that is precisely what many public sector organizations are doing.

The problem is that innovation is often a piecemeal project. A pilot initiative here, a software investment there and, over time, diverse projects come together to transform organizations. The public sector has reached a place where enough technologies have converged to make meaningful transformation possible, but they need something to tie everything, and everyone, together in the digital workplace.

Business process management solutions and app development platforms are accelerating background processes in such a way that people are spending less time on tedious operations and more time on important, high-thinking tasks. In the public sector, this can drive true agility by connecting people and processes through data.

Digital innovation has left government agencies collecting and creating data from diverse perspectives, and day-to-day operations increasingly hinge on getting the right information to the right people at the right time.

BPM solutions drive agility by coordinated processes between disparate user groups, creating natural pathways for data to follow along between different user groups. This combines with app development platforms within BPM suites to allow users to create unique apps quickly to meet specific operational demands. The result is a transformed digital work environment in which agencies can maximize the value of their people. Check out the infographic below for more details on how this transformation takes place. For even more information, download the new eBook, Government Modernization: 5 Keys to Getting Agile.