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Funtime Friday: Leave it to BPM

Victoria Ebel, Appian
July 29, 2016

In the most basic terms, Business Process Management (or BPM) software makes your organization operate more efficiently and successfully.

What isn't conveyed in this definition? Just how vital it can be to the inner workings of your organization.

It's kind of like the classic idea of a family. And what better classic family to compare than the Cleavers!

In the iconic sitcom from many (many) years ago, Leave it to Beaver followed the misadventures of Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver and his crazy interactions with his family.

There was:

    • Beaver, the inquisitive and precocious star.

    • Wally, the older, wiser brother.

    • Ward, the stoic dad.

    • June, the doting mom who held the whole dynamic together.

In Leave it to BPM, however, BPM would take on the role of June, the supportive mother. Think about it!

It's always there for you.

Just like June, who is always ready to help you and tackle anything you throw her way, BPM is available at all times, able to process your wants and needs and deliver results. BPM automates even the most dynamic business processes to help you accelerate work and overcome challenges more easily.

Itbrings together your family of employees, departments, and business units.

When there is miscommunication or disconnect within the Cleaver family, June knows just how to bring everyone together on the same page. And BPM? With collaboration tied in, it unifies all members of a company, allowing for easy and open communication across the enterprise.

Without its influence, you are more susceptible to poor decision making.

The Cleavers know, "Mother knows best." Without the input of June's sage advice, the family is more susceptible to foolish mistakes or detrimental oversights. Likewise, BPM gives access to a trove of knowledge and insight into business operations. It can provide a unified view of all process and data from across the organization to promote fast, smart decision making.

Ithelps you reach your full potential.

Like any iconic sitcom mom, June wants her family to thrive. And she provides all the motivation and support needed for her family to do just that. BPM works similarly to lead your company to accomplish goals, increase revenue, and ultimately succeed. This is accomplished through efficient app development that allows your organizationto keep up with ever-changing demands.

But, unlike June Cleaver, who was an idealist version of a 1950s mom, BPM has evolved. In fact, today's BPM has the power to run critical business processes for the world's largest companies and most important government agencies. It incorporates collaboration, enterprise mobility, data management, and even low-code app development, all in a single platform.

You know, I guess itsmore like a real mom today, doing it all, no matter how challenging it may seem!

Leave it to BPM!

Victoria Ebel