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Fast Track Your Transformation Plans

Michael Heffner, Vice President, Solutions and Industry Go To Market
October 7, 2016

Sibos promised to be one of the most interesting financial services conferences of the year, and it did not disappoint. It was a fast paced week in Geneva -- from the latest on blockchain, and the discussions around compliance and the Customer Journey,to the stories of digital transformation -- Sibos hit the pulse of our industry, and got us all thinking about the changing landscape of our market.

Now that we have all returned to our respective businesses, the most important question isÖ how are you going to take your transformation plans to the next level? The digital technology provider you choose could well be the difference between success or failure.

Let's face it. There's a lot of hype surrounding digital transformation. Perhaps the true measure of substance then is the results from actual implementations. Appian is proud of the results our customers are achieving with our digital application platform. As the independent experts at Gartner described:

"Appian customer references indicated a higher degree of satisfaction with the Appian platform, compared with other vendors surveyedÖ.Appian customer references reported a median-time-to-production implementation of less than three months, the lowest of any vendor surveyedÖ"

Banks Are Transforming The Customer Journey

At Sibos, I was honored to present at the Open Theater with the CTO of one of our innovative customers on how the bank achieved its digital transformation goals with Appian - Customer Lifecycle Management, Compliance (KYC, EDD, etc.), and Specialized Loan Program Management.

Another one of our customers, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank in Australia, rolled out 23 tier-one enterprise applications at a rate faster than one per month, focused on improving the customer journey across the bank's operations.

Banks Are Addressing Compliance Issues

Appian customers are using our digital transformation platform to address compliance challenges, from Stress tests (CCAR/PRA), AML, BSA, etc. Senior managers at FirstBank have deployed Appian's digital platform in the cloud to rapidly identify and resolve potential money laundering schemes. Want to know more? Then grab the whitepaper to learn how you can avoid anti-money laundering vulnerabilities and improve overall compliance with government regulations.

As I look back upon Sibos and the many conversations we had, it all comes down to is this: If you want to put your digital transformation plans on a fast track to success, then it is imperative that you look to the technology that delivers proven results. Smart businesses focus not only on applications they need now, but also those needed tomorrow. I would be glad to have the opportunity to talk with you about Appian's digital platform.

Send me an e-mail at:,so we can find time to discuss how the Appian platform can help transform your enterprise, ensure regulatory compliance and enhance the customer experience. Let's talk soon.

Michael Heffner

Appian Corporation

Global Capital Markets and Banking Industry Lead