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Digital Transformation: the Pursuit of ‘Appiness'

Appian Contributor
September 23, 2016

Ready to find out how your peers are transforming their organizations with digital technology?  Wondering what the latest ‘news you can use’ is for Quick Apps, low-code app development, and case management?  

Then come join us at an Appian Around the World event. Register today. We have events planned in major cities like London, Dallas, San Francisco, Washington DC, Chicago and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Don’t Miss Appian Around the World… coming to a city near you!

At these one-day sessions, you will hear latest industry trends, and gain insights  from your peers on how they are managing their transformation in the digital space. This is also a unique opportunity to meet with the Appian leadership team and hear firsthand about new product announcements and best practice techniques.

Just last week, I was fortunate to attend our Appian Around the World event in New York City, and meet with many of our customers and partners from that area.  We had excellent participation with a cross-section of industries present, from Financial Services and Insurance, to State & Local Government. There was a recurring theme I heard from almost everyone, to paraphrase... "I stay with an Agile approach and leverage the Appian digital platform to deliver value for my stakeholders".

The highlight at this event was a customer presentation from an innovative global insurance company who shared how they have successfully transitioned to an Agile and flexible model, lowering TCO and gaining faster time to market by deploying Appian’s digital platform.

Delivering innovative, intuitive UX, friendly tools

The other theme radiating throughout the day-long event was how Appian continues to innovate the enterprise software user experience. Shifts in demographic trends and the spanning of work across multiple devices and platforms has led Appian to pioneer new UX paradigms. Initiatives like Modern UI and business-friendly tools for design (such as, Quick Apps) continue to empower organizations with the modern tools they need to get ahead of the technology curve and provide best-in-class user experience for their employees, partners and customers.

We hope to see you at Appian Around The World in your city.  Register today.

We look forward to seeing you soon!