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Digital Transformation? More like Digital Convergence

Appian Contributor
August 16, 2016


I have a theory.

Digital transformation should be called digital convergence.

When you undergo digital transformation, you're changing the technology makeup within your business. Sure, that's the nuts and bolts of it but there is so much more.

Instead of having specific technologies to complete specific tasks, the path to digital transformation success is bringing it all together on a single platform.

Bringing togetherÖconvergenceÖSee what I mean?

Shaking your business up with this sort of transformation should make you excited! It's streamlining old systems and making them much less complex. Here's a basic outline to help lay out a vision for getting there.

What is converging?

EVERYTHING! All different technologies in the company...all becoming part of a single platform. Mobility is now an expectation in operating technology. The overall goal is to take what used to be a sum of individual parts, and integrate them into the sum of one singular, all-encompassing part.

Which leads us into our next question:

Why is it converging?

We all need to do more with less.

Less doesn't mean worse in this case; it's just a mention of how many technologies many knowledge-workers require to complete a specific task. For example, the ability to operate from a mobile standpoint is becoming standard within a product. You don't need various platforms to run applications on different devices; it all should work from one application platform.

From this, you can make everyone's life easier by not requiring multiple technologies to complete complex tasks. It's easy to learn how to ride a bike but what if you had to learn how to ride a bike, drive a car, bake a cake, operate mobile, and learn physics all at once?

Yeah, I don't want to do that either.

What does converging mean for you?

Convergence for you and your business means one thing synergy. When we digitally converge, we're breaking down more than just technological barriers. We're also breaking down communication silos.

Different departments can complete their work on a single platform, with the information presented to all, making communication a whole lot easier. You can get real-time updates from other parts of the business. This significantly decreases communication time and makes everyone across your organization more productive.

The task of digital transformation can be daunting, but take a step back and look at the big picture.

By simplifying processes and bringing everything together, you may find your transformation is not as difficult as it may seem.

So transform.

Or converge.

It's really just the same thing.

Dalton Scanlon

Product Marketing