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Consumers Ahead of Businesses in Digital Transformation Race

Appian Contributor
June 27, 2016

It's a Saturday morning. You don't have any plans for the day but, while you're out taking a walk, you realize you want a bit of adventure. You pull out your phone, look up special offers in your area and make a reservation for a class you haven't tried before. After you get home you grab your tablet to stream Netflix while you cook lunch and notice an email confirming your reservation. It includes a note telling you what you'll need for the class. You also have special offers for future classes to give you a chance to dig deeper if you like the session. This probably sounds fairly normal, but imagine that same device diversity and free communication across digital channels in your office, and it may seem like a pipe dream.

Digital transformation has taken place in the consumer sector, but businesses haven't caught up, CMSWire reported.

The problem is that consumer apps and devices have been created for this seamless experience, but enterprise solutions are still evolving beyond their historically rigid architectures. Application development platforms can be invaluable in helping companies overcome this challenge.

"Digital transformation has taken place in the consumer sector, but businesses haven't caught up."

Looking at the digital transformation gap

According to the news source, consumers have become accustomed to a high degree of digital integration within their day-to-day tasks. An entire ecosystem of apps and devices has emerged in response, and people can get just about anything done across their entire device lineup. Look at businesses, however, and you'll find that many companies are struggling with tasks as simple as being able to easily search through corporate files and data systems to find information they need in a timely fashion. Businesses must get moving quickly if they want to keep up with the pace of digital transformation that consumers are already enjoying.

Making digital transformation meaningful

Embracing digital transformation hinges on having apps in place that let your users interact with customers, data, and each other regardless of which device you use. The app development platform functionality built into leading business process management systems accomplish this task while also providing key interconnections for data across your organization. BPM's core ability to connect data and processes extends out to coordinating people, apps and devices when you can quickly build unique apps to meet operational needs. This functionality fuels true digital transformation and can give your company an edge over its peers.