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Appian's Effect on Life Sciences

Appian Contributor
November 7, 2016

Appian traveled to Raritan, New Jersey last week, for a specialized Life Sciences Appian Around the World, hosted at the Johnson & Johnson headquarters. We had a full room bustling with pharma leaders eager to exchange knowledge with one another. Our day focused on our customers' stories, with three top pharma leaders sharing their experiences with digital transformation using Appian's technology platform.

Before seeking digital transformation, these executives described their struggles with disjointed processes, in-efficient operations, and limited collaboration between their internal departments. These customers also worked with a lack of data traceability and transparency as well as outdated and inflexible systems. They knew they needed a change, and they sought this change through Appian.

After implementing the Appian Platform, all of these customers noticed significant improvements, including:

    • Low Recovery Point Objective and Recovery Time Objective

    • Collaboration among Project, Lab, and Management Teams

    • Process Flexibility Across Several Types of Business Needs

    • Unified, Global Processes

    • Fast Adoption of New Systems

    • Mobile Enablement

In addition to these more specific improvements, all customer presenters expressed that Appian generally helped with improved productivity, enhanced collaboration, and elimination of redundant processes --- aligning with their corporate strategies.

From listening to these great presentations and having conversations with other leaders in the industry throughout the day, I noticed a key theme coming from their Appian experiences: Appian is helping our clients change livesÖ.those of their employees who aim to deliver enduring value with quality products, and of their patients who depend on these products for an improved quality of life.

Appian streamlines tedious and inefficient manual processes that come with the life sciences business, expediting a drug's time-to-market in order to aid those who need itmost. With Appian, these companies can focus their energies on advancing the delivery of innovative and life-changing pharmaceuticals.

If you would like to learn more about how Appian eases the burdens that can be placed on life sciences companies, please take a look at this white paper. Also feel free to reach out to me at to discuss how Appian can help your business specific and unique needs.

Terry Robinson

Regional Vice President, NA Pharma