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Appian and Managing Healthcare Costs: A Conversation with Dr. Chuck Webster

Appian Contributor
June 27, 2016

If you've ever stopped by a healthcare technology trade show, or attended Appian World and any of the healthcare sessions, you've probably seen Dr. Charles Webster (Chuck) floating around.

Chuck is a huge proponent of process-aware technologies in healthcare, including workflow management systems, Business Process Management (BPM), and dynamic and adaptive case management. He has various degrees (some would say more degrees than a thermometer!), including one in Medicine from the University of Chicago, and is an advocate for the medical community for technology that automates processes and makes medicine more efficient for both professionals, and patients.

We had the pleasure of recently sitting down with Chuck at the American Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) conference in Las Vegas earlier this month. As usual, it was a far ranging and diverse conversation!

Appian's Role in Decreasing Healthcare Payer Costs

We spoke about how the Appian Platform transforms health data and process management. Chuck is no stranger to our product, and consistently points out our top ratings from Gartner and Forrester, however, there is more to how Appian can help healthcare payers better manage costs.

With many healthcare providers outsourcing various aspects of their care to various vendors, for example, one vendor for behavioral health another for pharmaceuticals, it can create many disparate systems. With this, healthcare systems can have a difficult time integrating all this data to obtain a timely single view for their members, providers, and employers.

Appian can pull data from different systems and make that data actionable by allowing the user to drill down and assign tasks. Appian eliminates manual spreadsheets, thus, improving care management as cost overhead drops.

We use our flexible platform to connect and automate data and workflow silos, helping customers manage their workflow and businesses processes. This platform application is low-code/no-code enabling the actual users to create their applications.

Appian pushes out application design capabilities to the business owners. Think of these three things: products, providers, and members--that is how flexible Appian is, and how it can help reduce unnecessary healthcare costs for healthcare insurance companies.

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