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Accelerate Your Study Start Up and Tracking

Evi Cohen, Vice President, Global Life Sciences & Healthcare, Appian
August 11, 2016

When it comes to executing clinical trials, speed is everything.

Well executed, speedy clinical trial initiation can result in faster completion of the trial and acceleration of time to market. The sooner a product is released to market, the sooner life saving and life altering medicine is available for patients, and the longer it can remain under patent. With patent eclipse encroaching on development, every day makes a difference.

As we all know, clinical trials are an essential, but challenging, aspect of drug development. Appian has created a way to help streamline this process, and I'm excited to be presenting more about it during our upcoming webinar, "Avoid Patent Eclipse -- Accelerate Your Study Start Up and Tracking" on Wednesday, August 17th at 11am ET.

If you missed the webinar, you can view the on-demand recording here.

This event will feature leaders from Sanofi, Princeton Blue, and Appian discussing the value a custom configurable platform and how it is changing the clinical trial environment.

Specifically, we'll discuss how Sanofi recently chose to accelerate their study start up and tracking by partnering with Appian and Princeton Blue to create their Required Essential Document System (READY) application. With this implementation, Sanofi can now reach the key milestones in the clinical trial phase more efficiently, while still maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements..

During this webinar, we'll also be discussing:

    • Automation, control, data accuracy, and on-demand operational transparency in critical initial trial phases

    • How to solve document and reporting challenges

    • Discovering a more flexible approach to IT

Clinical trials are a big part of bringing drugs to market, but they don't have to be the laborious processes they've always been. Watch thewebinar to learn these tactics on cutting your time to market, and then follow up with me after,, and we can discuss your specific business case as well.