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Why is Case Management So Misunderstood? (Video)

Appian Contributor
May 22, 2015

Case management softwareis often misunderstood.

At it's core, it is is about coordination: Coordination of information, actions, processes, people, care, cases, claims, requests, and the list goes on.

Across industries, achieving successful case management resolutions depends on how quickly you can figure out the right action to inherently informed...and then take that action.

It's all summed up very nicely in this webinar from back in 2013 presented by MWD Advisor's Neil Ward-Dutton.

Is it long? Yes...about an hour. But, trust me. If you have a need for case management software, then you'll want to best understand the challenges to overcome. And, Neil is among the best in the analyst community when it comes to this stuff!






I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Zach Messler