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Transforming Investment Solutions with Leonteq AG

Staff, Appian
April 28, 2015

Leonteq AGis one of the leading investment service providers in Switzerland. Headquartered in Zurich, Leonteq's team of highly experienced specialists operates to maximize flexibility, innovation, transparency and service for investors and partners. Using Appian's application platform, the firm has innovated management and service delivery across core areas including structured product development and issuance on the market, product documentation, hedging and new investors on-boarding.

This afternoon at Appian World 2015, Olivier Durrwell, ?Business Analyst at Leonteq, discussed the value financial service organizations place on having enterprise-wide data readily available in order to provide the best possible customer service, and how Appian support's Leonteq's vision for smarter decisions and faster action.

Leonteq created an IT platform that sets new standards in terms of automation, ease of use and speed in fulfilling customer demands. The company sought a BPM platform to extend the value of this infrastructure by empowering business users to document processes, identify bottlenecks and enable process improvements. The company chose Appian as that BPM platform to automate, manage and improve various workflow processes across the organization.

The company identified the Term Sheet Creation process as the first, strategic process implementation, based on the highly manual and time-sensitive nature of the process and the initial value to the business. The creation time for term sheets must be tracked because they are based on current market conditions. The Appian-based Term Sheet approval process will help Leonteq AG managers track term sheet creation times, while also helping system users prioritize work and meet deadlines. Appian's integrated Business Activity Monitoring and extensive reporting options provide both the real-time and historical data needed for continuous process improvement.

"The benefits are quite huge," said Durrwell. "The time to market, risk management, and new product issuance have all been transformed and changed with Appian. The demand for our services requires the ability to quickly change to meet compliance and customer demand, and Appian has enabled this for Leonteq."

Investor on-boarding is critical for Leonteq, as all new and existing investor data and relations are hosted on the Appian Application Platform. Benefits of this modern client management tool includes accelerated new on-boarding times, reduced workload for compliance and sales departments, and clear audit trail view of investor history using Appian Records.

"This enhanced on-boarding allows our clients to be up and running quickly and remove process bottlenecks that held up operations beforehand," said Durrwell.

Looking to what is next for Leonteq, Durrwell expressed how the organization will look to integrate external partners directly into core Appian processes. Automation between Leonteq and its trusted partners will continue to improve delivery of financial services and products while leveraging Appian's renowned case management tools to increase operational visibility and mitigate risk.

-Mike Ingrisano, Media Relations Manager