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The Three Benefits of Cloud for Ideal Application Hosting

Staff, Appian
March 17, 2015

Cloud is everywhere, and everyone is talking about it.

As a PR guy, I make sure to spend part of my day looking at what is making news in IT and software development. Whether popular tech blogs, Twitter or LinkedIn, the news cycle is dominated with industry leaders and beat reporters weighing in on the state of cloud computing and what its future holds.

Previously dominated by those in enterprise IT and software development, businesses of all shapes and sizes across every key industry are taking the promise of cloud into consideration when looking to align with modern workplace strategies.

Yes, cloud is all the talk these days, but does the average business leader really know what it means?

Sure, it's where you host your "stuff" critical to business(at this point someone will make a reference upward, as to an imaginary data source operating above our heads).

By and large, most individuals are unsure of the real value of cloud as a means to grow business and create a seamless connection between data and employees.

If you or your business is serious about taking the next step in modernizing IT and application development, here are three benefits to consider regarding a cloud-based solution.

Speed of Delivery

    • In the fast-paced digital economy, it's all about speed to maintain competitive advantage. So naturally when building applications, organizations need to ensure that they are delivered to market as quickly as possible. Hosting applications through a cloud-based platform allows solutions to be up and running within minutes compared to being deployed on-premise. This gives an organization the ability to roll-out a number of solutions enterprise-wide across an entire application platform in a much more timely fashion.


    • Though cloud is ideal for hosting data and information sources due to its speed of delivery, not all applications can be cloud-based. Often times, especially within federal, defense, and financial service sectors, organizations may feel certain data presents too much of a security risk to be deployed solely in the cloud. In this case, flexibility of a modern application platform allows organizations to move applications freely between the cloud and on-premise. For businesses deploying multiple applications, true innovation might take form with a customer-facing app deployed in the cloud, while more sensitive internal apps are hosted on-premise. Essentially, cloud allows applications to be flexible and tailored to the unique nature of your business.

Cost Savings

    • Deploying solutions in the cloudallows business to save time and expenses otherwise devoted to traditional app development and maintenance.Though development is still required, more time is created using this method that can be devoted to business growth and innovation. With applications running in the cloud,organizations are able to harness IT as a business growth tool, as opposed to the traditional maintenance role.

Learn more about these benefits and others by downloading our guide on howto align business with today's cloud strategy.

-Mike Ingrisano, Media Relations Manager